Monday Mantra: Give What You Want to Receive

Strands Headlands // Dana Point, California

Strands Headlands // Dana Point, California

Ever since I started writing online, I’ve become highly aware of other writers online. I used to click through articles I discovered on my Facebook newsfeed or through my Flipboard app and read them without a thought about who wrote them. I read, skimmed, scrolled, and closed my browser. 

I never considered who was translating these ideas into sentences and paragraphs and sharing them with the world. Until I started doing it.

Now, when I read an article I enjoy, searching for the author’s name and reading his or her bio is the first thing I do. I have a policy that if I read an article I find particularly well written or engaging, I give it some love. I leave an encouraging comment for the author or I share the piece with a friend.

I have the same policy when it comes to watching street performers busking. If someone’s fiddle playing or ball juggling or acoustic rendition of Britney’s Spears’ “Toxic” makes me pause and pay attention, I dole out a little money. It’s a simple policy, but one that makes a vast difference to the person behind whatever it is I’m enjoying. 

When I started to become more cognizant of other writers like myself, I started to receive more positive feedback on my own writing. The more I supported other writers online, the more people—strangers, acquaintances, friends, and family—began to support me. The happier I felt for my peers and freelance writing acquaintances who were experiencing success, the more progress I made in my own work. I don’t think this correlation is a happy coincidence.

It’s a perfect example of what Deepak Chropra refers to in his book, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, as The Law of Giving. Deepak explains that life is a constant circulation of energy that functions through a perpetual exchange of giving and receiving. If you give, your energy multiplies, your flow rushes, and you receive. If you don’t give, your energy becomes stagnant, your flow trickles and dries up, and you receive nothing.

The more you give, the more you will receive, because you will keep the abundance of the universe circulating in your life. In fact, anything that is of value in life only multiplies when it is given.
— Deepak Chopra

The more I supported others and wished them well, the more I received my own support and well wishes. The more we give anything worth having, the more abundant we will be. If we want affection, we need to give affection. If we want respect, we need to respect others. If we want encouragement, we need to encourage those around us. If we want money, we need to help others become more affluent. If we want joy, we need to spread joy.

We don’t always have to give through interaction or effort or material items either. Giving can be as easy as offering up a silent wish of good things for someone else, allowing yourself to hope for someone else’s happiness with utmost sincerity.

It is so simple. The only catch is that you must give without expectation or bitterness. If you feel as though you have suffered a loss through the giving, then it is not true generosity.

The next time you find yourself wanting something, instead of asking yourself how you can get it, ask yourself first how you can give it. The rest will come together on its own. 


Happy Monday!

P.S. Progress over perfection and what would happen if you viewed every difficulty as an opportunity for growth.