How I Balance Staying Informed and Staying Sane

It's difficult to work, take care of family, and enjoy life when everything you read online suggests the world is going to hell. A few weeks into Trump’s presidency and I'm tempted to turn off the news, escape to an isolated cabin without wifi, or resolve to stay out of politics completely because it’s all too “negative.”

But none of those options is effective in bringing about positive change. The remedy to feeling helpless is not ignorance or escape — it’s action.

Here’s what I’ve figured out on how to be an informed, proactive citizen without giving up or going crazy.

You can read my full article here.

*I've been wanting to write this piece for a while now. Ever since November 8th, I've been struggling to stay productive and focused, but more than that, I've been struggling to remain joyful. Being in a positive, stable mood and finding pleasure in the little things takes much more energy than it used to for me. I wrote this article as a guide for myself — I hope it's helpful for you, too!

Here's a little snippet: 

"When you feel like everything is spinning out of control, remember this: you have and will always have full control of your emotional state.

Take the time you need to grieve and process the horrors you see unfold, but at the end of the day, choose to find some kind of joy in your life. It doesn’t serve you, nor does it help the people you’re trying to protect, to let anger and sadness rule you. What does serve you, however, is your determination to continue to seek out happiness and beauty in an unkind, unjust world."

P.S. How to worry less