How to Reduce Stress and Lead a Less Hectic Life

Being a freelance writer means I get to write about tons of different topics on a regular basis. I've had some especially fun articles published on other sites recently, so I wanted to share a few of my favorite ones here. The articles range from light-hearted and informative to introspective and (hopefully) thought-provoking. 

Hope you enjoy!

On Travel

Things people in California are weirdly passionate about

How travel helps us live our fullest lives. "The more time you spend in different places, the more you realize your happiness isn’t dependent on where you are or what your environment looks like. Traveling to places that offer different definitions of hardship and luxury teaches you that you have the power to cultivate happiness wherever you are."

Stereotypes Californians always have to deal with. 

On Organization

Why letting go of our stuff is so hard (plus what to do about it). 

Minimalist living tips: 8 rules for living with less stuff

How to organize everything in your closet

On Personal Growth

A love letter to California

On Stress

How to limit stress and live a less hectic life. *The image at the top was created by the talented Katie Geary, who read my article and wanted to turn my ideas into illustrations! (How cool is that?)

On Random Advice

Learn how to whip together an easy, healthy brunch for the holidays

How to get out of bed if you're not a morning person

The yummy foods in your pantry that double as awesome DIY beauty products

On the Election

6 important conversations I've had with my family since Trump was elected. "Saying Black Lives Matter does not mean I’m saying that other lives don’t. Supporting Muslims and their right to freedom of religion does not mean I’m condemning Christians. Advocating for LGBTQ rights doesn’t mean I believe queer people deserve special treatment. Fighting on behalf of immigrants doesn’t mean I’m overlooking the struggles many citizens face. Being vocal about wanting to support and honor the people in our country who’ve been historically disenfranchised and oppressed does not mean I’m choosing one group of people over another.

It means I want to raise everyone up, especially the people who need an extra boost, so we can all be on a level playing field. A fight for any human’s rights is a fight for all human rights." 

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