A Note About Love

Valentine's Day is this weekend, meaning it's the perfect opportunity to ooze romantic sentiment, but instead I want to offer a different take on the concept of love. More importantly, on what and whom we choose to love, and how these choices affect who we are and how we live. 

The above quote really resonated with me. Ever since I read it I've been thinking in a deeper sense about what I love and how this love has influenced—and will continue to influence—the direction of my life. I love reading, I love learning languages, I love traveling, I love the beach, I love writing, I love telling stories. I also love independence and freedom and spontaneity and honoring your intuition above logic. 

All these things have led me to live a more creative, adventurous, enriched life than I could possibly have imagined (although I'm still always imagining more, can't help it). 

And then there are the people I love. Compassionate, ambitious, curious, thoughtful, interesting, strong, courageous, generous people—all of whom have brought infinite beauty and light to my life, some of whom have taken me to different parts of the world or brought me back to familiar ones.

But there's also the not-so-wonderful things we can't help but love. For me it's reality TV, gossip, and being right. For you it might be a vice, a core belief, an over-attachment to something, an obsession, or a person who doesn't make you feel like your best self. 

Not everything that's supposedly bad is inherently bad either. But it can be when it's taken to an extreme level. 

As the quote suggests, we are endlessly shaped and molded by what we invest our time in, what we cherish, what we spend our energy on, what we give our power to, and what we love. 

These small choices—and I believe everything is always a choice—made over time, day by day, little by little, whether trivial or life-altering, glossed over or thought-provoking, make us who we are. They propel us down the paths we're on. 

So love with your whole heart, but choose wisely.